DurusulQur’aan, a fully interactive Qur’aan course, has been designed to aid in learning to recite the Nobel Qur’aan using Arabic text. This course has been developed for both for the Internet and home study for the worldwide Muslims community in various formats. At the present this booklet has been translated into French and Spanish.

History of the course development:

Internet version using java script released in 1998
Printed version of this booklet with sound released in 2003
Interactive version developed in Adobe Flash released in 2006
Interactive version developed in HTML5 programming for all platforms including mobile devices 2016


Due recent changes in web standards towards the new Html5 standard, this course has been re-designed. We are hoping that this course will support all platforms Desktop to Mobile. The entire offline course is available Free without any ads


This course has been designed to serve entire Muslims community, certain provisions are made to translate the instruction into various languages. We invite you to participate to improve this course
Assistance needed on volunteer basis
Checking errors, broken links typing mistakes, improve instructions
html5,css, coding
video presentation
Promotion of the site