Punctuation marks (symbols) in Printed Nobel Qur'an
There are many other punctuation marks that generally appear in the middle or end of a verse. The detail of this is beyond the scope of this course.
As a general rule for the beginner, make a pause whenever one find such marks namely لا, م ز , ج , ص , ط, ق , قف , مع , وقف النبي , صلي , وقفه , سكته

﴾ ﴿    ۝

Waqf e Taam (Perfect Stop) represents end of a ayah. a reciter ought to pause here - it is permissible to continue without a pause provided that reciter is very familiar with other rules


The Compulsory Stop sign of “Waqf e Laazim” (imperative) a reciter must make full pause here - failure to do so the entire meaning of the sentence may alter radically.

لا     ۙ‏

Do not pause here, it is permissible to pause if لا sign appears at end of ayah.- if one not able to read continuously one can stop at any place including لا but while continuing, one should repeat one or more words before a place which one stopped.