Unique features of English meaning or translation of Noble Quran   Project

  1. Designed in html5 platform support both Desktop and mobile devices
  2. Includes essential footnotes
  3. A brief explanation of Quranic terms
  4. uses tooltips technique
  5. collaborative platform 

Learnquran.ca is looking for volunteers for an interesting new project of meanings of Nobel Quran for English readers.

We need the following:

  1. webpage designer basic knowledge of  html5,CSS, javascript (Json) – the task will involve improvement of pages,  menu, and discussion (forum) design
  2. Editing reviewing and correcting of the English text
  3. Researcher - be able to research Quran terminology and update glossary from reliable sources – knowledge of Arabic is helpful but optional

Preview of the project

Surah Al Baqarah (Heifer)

Surah Al Baqarah (Heifer)

Siddique Katiya
Katiya Academy Montreal Canada


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